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A Malaysian Hospital is on the cover of an international architectural book!
May 1, 2012

Columbia Asia Hospital–Bukit Rimau, Shah Alam was chosen to be on the front cover and the back cover of a book on medical architecture called Hospitals. This hard cover coffee table book is a compilation of hospital building designs from various countries to include USA, UK, France and Japan. It showcases sophisticated building structures and interior designs of today’s medical facilities.

Out of 40 hospitals featured from around the world, the book cover shows the facade of the Columbia Asia Hospital-Bukit Rimau building while the back cover shows a section of the children’s ward from the same hospital. Columbia Asia Group Chairman Rick Evans comments, “We’re a new company and we’re proud that our standard model is on the cover of this book.”

Taiwan-based architect, Hsu Chang-Ch (of C.C.Hsu & Associates of Architects and Engineers; NBBJ) who has devoted his life to medical architecture for 35 years, summarised the topic in the book’s opening address: “Medical architecture is growing continually and reflecting different era’s requirement.”

Q&A with the editor of Hospitals, Arthur Gao (Masters in Architecture)

  1. Why was Columbia Asia chosen to be on the front cover and back cover of Hospitals?
    “From the perspective of publishing, Columbia Asia’s architectural model is simple but with strong colour contrasts. It represents the design trend of a modern hospital.”
  2. What is your opinion of Columbia Asia’s design in terms of aesthetics, also practicality for its consumers?
    “From an aesthetic point of view, the geometrical lines reflect modernity, while its interior is about simplicity. The surrounding environment blends well with natural sunlight that streams through the building. These design elements should benefit the public in terms of friendly indoor space. The layout of the wards is functional and takes the patient's privacy into account.”

Columbia Asia Hospitals

*Excerpts taken from the book Hospitals referring to the two-storey building of Columbia Asia Hospital-Bukit Rimau

Hospitals is published by Hong Kong-based Design Media Publishing Limited. It is available at Basheer Graphic Books, BB Plaza (RM145) and also online at




Columbia Asia hospitals are clean, efficient, affordable and accessible. The innovative design of Columbia Asia hospitals, from their manageable size to their advanced technology, is focused on creating the most positive experience for patients.

Patient service, efficiency and medical excellence are all part of Columbia Asia’s model to deliver the best medicine.

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