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Jl. Listrik No. 2A
Medan, 20112
North Sumatera, Indonesia

General Line: +6261 4566 368


Rumah Sakit Columbia Asia - Medan provides trusted affordable care with an emphasis on the most prevalent medical issues of a region, from births and chilDren's health to waterborne illnesses, broken bones, diabetes, and other health challenges.

The hospital is staffed with highly trained doctors recruited from and working in their native country to provide care that is compatible with the culture of the region. Rumah Sakit Columbia Asia – Medan also has its own pharmacy where patients can receive trusted safe, quality medications that are not outdated, tampered with, or contaminated.

Doctor Intensivist / Anethesiologist
Prof. dr. Achsanuddin Hanafie, SpAn, KIC, KAO
dr. Andriamuri Primaputra Lubis, SpAn
dr. Cut Meliza Zainumi, Mked(An), SpAn
dr. Dadik Wahyu Wijaya, SpAn
dr. Hasanul Arifin, SpAn, KIC
dr. Irvan Hamdani, SpAn
dr. Mhd. Ihsan, SpAn
dr. Mual Kristian Sinaga, SpAn
dr. Muhammad AR, SpAn
dr. Nazaruddin Umar, SpAn, KNA
dr. Rommy Fransiscus Nadeak, SpAn
dr. Rr. Sinta Irina, SpAn
dr. Soeyat Harto, SpAn
dr. M. Jalaluddin A. Chalil, SpAn

Medical Officer
dr. Ida Rohriani Damanik
dr. Muhammad Mirwan
dr. Lolianto
dr. Riezky Maracilu
dr. Andi Imam Buchari Nasution
dr. Dina Sartika Nainggolan
dr. Halim Rahman Manurung
dr. Parwin
Resident Medical Officer
dr. Rakhma Denny
dr. Erlinda Yani
dr. Dedy Maks
dr. Kangga Chandra Adi Surya
dr. Srie Sugandini
dr. Yahdi Wanda Syahputra Siregar
dr. Wilhans Wijaya

Resident Specialist
Prof. dr. Sutomo Kasiman, SpPD, SpJP
Prof. dr. Harun Rasyid Lubis, SpPD, KGH
Prof. dr. Chairul Yoel, SpA(K)
Prof. dr. Delfitri Munir, SpTH-KL(K)
Prof. dr. Achsanuddin Hanafie, SpAN, KIC, KAO
Dr. dr. Rosita Juwita Sembiring, SpPK
dr. Erina Outry Siregar, SpB, KBD
dr. Adlin Adnan, SpTHT-KL
dr. Sri Mella Tala, SpTHT-KL
dr. Mardianto, SpPD, KEMD, FINASIM
dr. Eric Halim Sumampow, SpPD
dr. Sabar Petrus Sembiring, SpPD
dr. Rezeki Sembiring, SpBS
dr. M. Oky Prabudi, SpOG
dr. Glugno Joshimin Foead, MBBS, MMed (O&G) (Malaya), SpOG
dr. Santa Martha Juliartha, SpOG
dr. Adrian, SpOT
dr. Edwin Parlindungan Marpaung, SpOT, Hip & Knee
dr. Kurniawan, SpOT, Hip & Knee
dr. Pranajaya Dharmakadar, SpOT, Spine
dr. Ariyanto, SpA
dr. Wagito, M.Ked.(Ped), SpA
dr. Supriatmo, SpA
dr. Muhammad Jailani, SpBP
dr. Frank Bietra Buchari, SpBP
dr. Buter Samin, SpRad
dr. Syah Mirsya Warli, SpU
dr. Andhika Kesuma Putra, M.Ked(P), SpP, FCCP (USA)
dr. Tonam, SpS
dr. Rosdiana Siregar, SpKK
dr. Deryne Anggia Paramita, M. Ked(KK), SpKK
dr. Edlin, SpAn
dr. Dony Siregar, M.Ked(An), SpAn
dr. R.A Dwi Pujiastuti, SpS
dr. Edok Sudadio, SpB, FINACS
dr. Masrul Lubis, SpPD
dr. Andre Pasha Kataren, SpJP
dr. Soekimin, SpPA

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