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Effects of mobile phone on human Health
Radiation Effects of Mobile Phones on Human Skin
Excessive use of mobile phones has exposed the population to harmful radiofrequency (RF) fields emitted from the devices
Soaring Temperatures Increase Risk of Stroke
Soaring Temperatures Increase Risk of Heat Stroke
Dr. Sunil Havannavar, Consultant, Internal Medicine, Columbia Asia Hospital, Sarjapur Road gives an insight on the prevention of heat strokes during...
5 Ways to Strengthen Your Liver
5 Ways to Strengthen Your Liver
Liver is one of the important organs in a human body that cleans, detoxifies the body and synthesizes essential proteins and plays an important part...
Increase Chances of getting Pregnant
Increasing age does affect chances of pregnancy in women
"The increasing age does affect the chances of a woman becoming pregnant, which is why In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) has become a bright ray of hope...
Effects of Gadgets Addiction in Children
The Impact of using Gadgets on Children
As children look forward to spending long hours in front of their favourite gadget screens during the summer vacation, doctors are sounding warning...
Best Treatment for Cervical Pain
Smartphone Addiction in Children can lead to Cervical Pain
"Poor position while sitting or sleeping, or studying or while using the computer, smartphone, or television for long hours without altering their...
Importance of staying hydrated in summer
Importance of staying hydrated in the summer
During summer, it is of utmost importance to keep a check on our food habits and drink at least two litres of water to stay healthy and fit and a...
botox cosmetic surgery in Bangalore
Things You Need To Know About Botox
For centuries, men have frayed their wrinkles as a sign of hard work and endurance, while women have long adhered to a higher ageing standard than...