Health Articles

Effects of Alcohol on the Body and Brain
Alcoholism and its effects on the human body
Excessive drinking is a major toll on health which over a period of time will lead to serious problems on the central nervous system in the long-term...
Vertical Garden Improve Your Health
An indoor vertical garden offers most of the health benefits that traditional plants could provide. The vertical garden purifies the air, reducing...
Sedentary Lifestyle Effects and Solutions
Change your work pattern now, don’t be sedentary anymore
Have you ever thought what serious health problems you would face if you sat at your work station for long hours without breaks? If you haven’t, then...
Healthy Diet for cardiovascular disease
How does a healthy diet help cardiovascular tissues?
Striking changes in the distressed patterns in global demographics have put cardiovascular disease to the forefront of public health. From a time...
Popular Diet Myths and Facts
Popular Myths about Dieting
We are living in the times when the awareness about fitness is gaining momentum but only after it has done enough harm, and health experts aren’t...
Effects of mobile phone on human Health
Radiation Effects of Mobile Phones on Human Skin
Excessive use of mobile phones has exposed the population to harmful radiofrequency (RF) fields emitted from the devices
Soaring Temperatures Increase Risk of Stroke
Soaring Temperatures Increase Risk of Heat Stroke
Dr. Sunil Havannavar, Consultant, Internal Medicine, Columbia Asia Hospital, Sarjapur Road gives an insight on the prevention of heat strokes during...
5 Ways to Strengthen Your Liver
5 Ways to Strengthen Your Liver
Liver is one of the important organs in a human body that cleans, detoxifies the body and synthesizes essential proteins and plays an important part...