Aerospace Medicine

Aerospace Medicine - Columbia Asia India
The Department of Aerospace Medicine at Columbia Asia Hospital is dedicated to the care of all personnel who are involved with the aviation industry, i.e. Pilots, Cabin Crew and ATC Officers. It offers evidence-based medical support to these personnel keeping in mind the special occupational demands of these exclusive group of professionals.

The Department of Aerospace Medicine has a DGCA Class I Medical Examiners. They are qualified to undertake all Class I Renewal Medicals for ALTP and CPL license holders (including Expatriate pilots), all Class II Initial and Renewal Medicals for Student Pilots, Private Pilots for fixed wing/ helicopter/ micro-light/ Gliders and balloon, and Cabin Crew.

Treatment and Procedures:
  • Evaluation of all occupation related medical issues related to the aviation industry
  • Conducting DGCA Medicals for Aircrew and Cabin Crew
  • Conducting periodic medicals for Cabin Crew and ATC Officers
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