Medan - Management

Owning company of Rumah Sakit Columbia Asia - Medan

Rumah Sakit Columbia Asia - Medan is led by a management team with decades of experience in medicine, nursing, and hospitality.

Mr. Ravi Raj
President Director 
Prof. Dr. Sutomo Kasiman, SPPD, SPJP(K)
Hospital Director
Rheinhard L. Tobing
General Manager
Mrs. Sumiaty
Finance Manager
Dr. Erlinda Yani
Medical Services Manager
Dr. Cun Tigor
Ambulatory Services Manager
Ms. Deasy Mochtar
Operations Manager
Nursedima Tampubolon
Chief of Nursing
Marojahan Simangunsong
Support Service Manager
Dr. Buter Samin, SPRAD
Chief of Radiology Services
Dr. Rosita Juwita Sembriring, SPPK
Chief of Laboratory Services
Daisy Touw
Human Resources Manager
Misna Suwandi
General Administration Manager
Assistant Finance Manager
Jenda Ketna
Pharmacy Manager
Rio Jansen Sitorus
Physiotherapy Supervisor
Justinus Tambunan
Radiology Manager
Ferdian Arief
Management & Information System Executive
Food & Nutrition Executive
Edi Rubianto Ginting
Ade Ledy Maulita
Marketing & PR Executive
Jenny Octoberia
Customer Care & Food Nutrition Manager
Laboratory Executive