Medan - Rates

Rumah Sakit Columbia Asia – Medan provides transparent pricing and operations, treatings patients only for the care they need and at established rates patients can trust.
Family Club
Rp 3.000.000

Premier Room
Rp 2.150.000

Deluxe Club
Rp 2.150.000

Deluxe Room
Rp 1.430.000

Superior Room
Rp 960.000

Two-Bedded Room
Rp 550.000

Four-Bedded Room
Rp 360.000

Five-Bedded Room
Rp 250.000

Six-Bedded Room
Rp 250.000

Rp 364.000
Sick Baby Nursery
Rp 370.000

Well Baby Nursery
Rp 180.000

Rp 940.000

Rp 830.000

Rp 720.000

Delivery Room
Rp 790.000

Operating Room
Rp 1.260.000 - Rp 1.386.000

* Rates include all meals and all rates are subject to future changes. 
Payment Methods
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