Health Transformation


Columbia Asia Corporate Client Services team works with corganizations in designing corporate wellness programs to support and encourage a holistic approach for employees’ wellbeing by creating an organizational culture of health. We offer corporate wellness solutions that extend beyond traditional wellness programs and cultivates healthy habits among employee populations and improves health outcomes.


Columbia Asia Health Transformation Program (H.T.P)

Our Columbia Asia Health Transformation Program (H.T.P) uses lifestyle interventions and behavior modifications that help deliver better and more sustainable health outcomes for individuals. The program promotes a Culture of Health and Focuses on the passion of living well.

Phase ONE of the program gives insights to employees/individuals regarding their health status and provides relevant information that will help them manage their health better.

Phase TWO of the program is a more interactive platform that helps employees/individuals in Making A Difference by changing their lifestyle and modifying their behavior towards achieving better health outcomes. Phase two runs in a group setting but each participant will have individual access to our Team Members which includes Medical Doctors, Dieticians, Fitness Coaches, Psychologists, Financial Planners and other health professionals.


Awards & Recognition

Malaysia Health & Wellness Brand Awards 2019
大马保健品牌奖 2019

Columbia Asia Health Transformation Program (H.T.P) was awarded the "Malaysia Health & Wellness Brand Awards 2019 大马保健品牌奖 2019" under the Wellness Category.

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