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Vaccinations Keep Your Child Safe
February 10, 2023
Diseases still persist today even if our healthcare system and hygiene standards have improved. While improved medical treatment and cleanliness...
Common Kids Foot Problems
January 19, 2023
There are a few types of foot problems among children such as flat feet, in-toeing / out-toeing, heel pain and ingrown toenails.
HFMD: The Disease that Spreads Like Wildfire
July 18, 2022
Parents, be cautious about Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease (HFMD) because it is a highly infectious disease and spreads very easily from one person to...
HFDM Penyakit Berulang
July 01, 2022
KES demi kes dilaporkan bayi dan kanak-kanak menjadi sasaran wabak Tangan, Kaki dan Mulut (HFMD) yang kembali mengancam kesihatan golongan itu...
Kecoh Tentang HFMD - Kenali Penyakit Ini Dan Cara Mencegahnya
June 10, 2022
Masa tu anak saya asyik menangis,” kata Puan Aishah Aljuned, ibu kepada Amal yang berusia tiga tahun ketika anaknya dijangkiti Penyakit Tangan, Kaki...
Every Child at Risk of Getting HFMD
June 10, 2022
Every child is at risk of being infected with the Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD), although the threat is greater when it comes to those with...
Common Foot Conditions in Kids
April 04, 2022
Children experience different kinds of foot problems similar to adults. These conditions show different characteristics where some may occur more...
March 21, 2022
Columbia Asia(民都鲁)医院儿科专科医生刘运原医生认为,让儿童接种疫苗是有必要的,多数严重的冠 病确诊病例都是没有疫苗保护。