Bloomberg Businessweek features Columbia Asia

September 19, 2010

Bloomberg Businessweek magazine featured Columbia Asia in a story about Asia governments focusing more on the private healthcare market.

The story, "In Asia, Public Health Care Gets Less Public," demonstrates how much demand Columbia Asia is finding from the public.

"This approach has caught the attention of hospital operators. Kuala Lumpur-based Columbia Asia, which is backed by U.S. investors, has 17 centers in India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam and is opening another 17, all of them catering to local patients. "The demand is tremendous—and it's not five years down the road, it's today," says Daniel R. Baty, Columbia Asia's largest shareholder. "Clearly, governments in these countries have made the decision they are not going to be involved in health care." Columbia's no-frills service is less luxurious than some other private hospitals yet more efficient than the public networks."