Columbia Asia Hospital - Tebrau clinches Best New Hospital and O&G Clinic of the Year at Global Health Awards Asia Pacific 2021.

February 24, 2022

Johor Bahru, Feb 15, 2022 – Columbia Asia Hospital - Tebrau (CAH-Tebrau) was named Best New Hospital at the Global Health Awards Asia Pacific 2021. The hospital may be only two years old but it has certainly kept up with Johor Bahru’s increasing healthcare demands in a fast-growing population.

“Winning this award is truly an honour as selection was authentic and based on our quality of services,” says CAH-Tebrau Regional General Manager, Puan Rahani Yaacob. “Basically, we cover every facet of what a patient deserves in private healthcare.”

Among the traits of CAH-Tebrau which contributed to it winning the award is its highly skilled and experienced medical consultants from multiple medical disciplines, efficient and competent nursing teams, state-of-the-art medical technology as well as warm hospitality in a caring and professional environment.

Besides Best New Hospital, Columbia Asia Hospital - Tebrau was also awarded Global Health Awards Asia Pacific’s Obstetrics & Gynecology (O&G) Clinic of the Year. “We are truly honoured,” says Puan Rahani. “Our O&G unit is one of the key departments at CAH-Tebrau.” As for the criteria of this award, a Global Health spokesperson related how the panel of jurists felt that CAH-Tebrau was deserving of this title.
  • It has made a difference to its community and patients in delivering life-saving O&G procedures and services.
  • The hospital offers comprehensive, patient-centric ‘prenatal to postnatal care’ concept that the O&G unit practices. This encompasses fertility and family planning services, comprehensive pregnancy and childbirth facilities as well as addressing menstrual matters.
  • Early intervention treatment services within the hospital, along with specific screening programmes for women, effectively promotes prevention and enables early-stage detection of diseases.
  • Excellence in overall delivery of high-quality patient care and life-changing services focused on O&G. The jury has awarded this based on robust criteria that considers both clinical excellence delivery and patient-centric impact.
  • Global Health also recognizes the public and patient-focused clinical education such as webinars, workshops and activities on education and how to navigate through one’s pregnancy and care for your little one.
  • Consistent delivery of smart healthcare choices in O&G, thereby making a positive impact when caring for patients and the community.

Receiving the award on behalf of CAH-Tebrau's O&G department were Consultant O&G (Special Interest in Cosmetic Gynecology), Dr Eliza Mohd Noor, and Consultant O&G (Fellowship in Maternal Fetal Medicine), Dr Sureshkumar Subramaniam. For Best New Hospital award, Puan Rahani herself did the honors by receiving the award. It was indeed a proud moment and certainly a milestone for CAH-Tebrau.