Columbia Kids Club Zoey The Discoverer | Survival Quest

March 24, 2019

Children from Columbia Kids Club, Waja Home and Rumah Bakti Nur Ain faced up to the challenges of an (age-suited) extreme obstacle course!

Selangor, Mar 24, 2018 – Columbia Kids Club celebrated its fifth anniversary yesterday at recreational indoor theme park, District 21 at IOI Mall in Putrajaya. Club members aged between five and 12-years old, braved through the obstacle course accompanied by their mother or father. The active play promoted quality time between parent and child in an adventure-type environment, with no electronic devices whatsoever. Club members as well as children from two orphanages, namely WAJA Home from Klang and Rumah Bakti Nur Ain from Banting indulged in the action-packed activities.

As a CSR effort, Columbia Asia decided to get up-close and personal with the young beneficiaries instead of merely raising funds to hand over to the orphanages. So while the little Columbia Kids Club members partnered their mother or father, each child from the orphanages was paired randomly with a Columbia Asia staff, from all levels of management. “It was most heartwarming to see the kids and parents from wholesome families playing, integrating and supporting the children from the orphanages,” said CEO of Columbia Asia Southeast Asia, Kelvin Tan. “Regardless of race and religion, they all made a choice to bond together in warmth and friendship.”

As teammates, both adult and child interacted closely and cheered on each other as they went through one obstacle station to the next. It was quite a sight to see both bouncing on trampolines while trying to shoot a basketball through a hoop. Equipped with safety harnesses, they also scaled Mount Survival with planks shaped after the electronic game, Tetris.
Following that, they conquered their fear of heights by climbing Sky Quest, one step at a time until they reached the highest pillar which stood at 5.8 meters high. There was an adrenalin rush as they jumped off the pillar, suspended by a harness.

There were also mazes (which one child from Rumah Bakti Nur Ain called ‘Paskal’) through which participants had to crawl, climb and squeeze through. One route got the participants climbing into and out of an old school bus that was dangling in an awkward position! Once they succeeded in getting on top of the platform, they had to slide down a chute to get to ground level, much to their delight. But the attraction that got the most oohs and ahhs was Dive 2 Survive, a suspended freefall activity from a height of 9.3 metres. As one child put it, it was a ‘seram’ experience (chilling)!
Bringing more bouts of shrieks and laughter was the Tube Rush station. Participants had to sit on a rubber tube and slide down a slope either solo or as a team. Only when they had completed the entire circuit, could they claim their goody bags. It’s amazing what a little incentive can do, but all participants would agree that the journey through the obstacle course was the more memorable reward.

Funds collected from participation fees will be shared between three orphanages; Waja Home, Rumah Bakti Nur Ain and Good Samaritan. Sponsors of the event comprised Caldbeck Macgregor, Yakult, Alliance BizSmart Team, 3M, Smith & Nephew, Dell, Aureumaex and Mead Johnson. A total of 143 children attended the event. Adding more cheer to the event was Columbia Kids Club mascot, Zoey the Parrot. It was truly a day of adventure and discovery for the children and definitely memorable, especially for our young guests who participated.