Columbia Asia Hospital - Taiping Was Voted As The Healthiest Café

June 21, 2017

The Taiping Café Columbia team: Food Service Manager, Muhammad NurSalam Bin Ahmad (seated, middle).

In 2016, Café Columbia conducted a Healthy Café Survey among six selected hospitals. This survey was part of an activity to ensure that we are constantly providing healthy and nutritious food and to understand customers’ perspective towards healthy-eating.

We interviewed Café Columbia Taiping, the team that received the most positive feedback from customers during the survey period. The following is a Q&A with the Food Service Manager, En. Salam.

Congratulations to the Taiping team. How did your team make the café the most healthiest cafe?
“We always make sure that we use healthier ingredients and in the correct portion during meal preparation. For example, we choose low fat coconut milk and low fat milk to cook café dishes.”

Cooking demo by Chef Ghazali (right) to promote healthy-cooking to the public.

How did your customers react when you tell them that this is a healthy café?
“Customers are getting familiar with the concept. Mainly because we had maintained healthy ingredients since last year. Anyway, some regular customers especially our own Columbia Asia staff request for normal food and taste!”

Did you face any pressure to meet the profit target of the company yet maintain the café as a healthy café?
“We faced a little challenge as some customers really couldn’t accept the healthy concept especially the taste. We do have customers who prefer fast food or junk food only. Besides, we need to face tight competition on the selling price. We need to spend more to buy healthier raw ingredients. At the same time, we need to remain the selling price to compete with other local restaurants in the Taiping area.”

In the future, is there anything that the café will introduce in order to remain as a healthy café?
“Yes. We will maintain our standard as a healthy cafe. At the same time, we will increase the variety by using the latest and most innovative equipment such as an air fryer and a slow juicer.

A healthy dish for diabetics, Fried Brown Rice Chinese-Style, created by the Taiping team.