The Transformation of a Distinct Multi-specialty Private Hospital Here In Bintulu

November 23, 2018

The Transformation of a Distinct Multi-specialty Private Hospital Here In Bintulu

Columbia Asia Group of Hospitals’ presence in Malaysia spans over two decades. From its humble beginnings, today Columbia Asia has 30 multi-discipline specialty hospitals in operation that cover four major countries in South Asia; 12 in Malaysia, three in Indonesia, three in Vietnam and 12 in India. This modern private healthcare group is also expanding its presence across the rest of Asia with more facilities currently at different stages of development.

What does Columbia Asia stand for?
The Columbia Asia Hospital private healthcare model is distinct in the comprehensiveness of its medical programme and its strong sense of commitment towards clinical governance and evidence-based patient outcomes. Over the years, these values have remained the pillars of Columbia Asia’s beliefs. The success of this private healthcare model is being replicated across the region to help meet the ever-growing demand for effective and efficient healthcare.

Columbia Asia is also at the forefront of being an excellent healthcare provider for families, corporates, third party administrators and insurances. Across the group, Columbia Asia provides specialised services such as cardiology, internal medicine, general surgery, orthopaedic surgery, obstetrics, gynaecology, paediatrics, ENT, urology, ophthalmology, anaesthesiology, radiology and many more.

The governance of Columbia Asia
Medical governance remains a key pillar in ensuring that a healthcare facility remains focused on providing the best patient care possible. Every Columbia Asia Hospital has a Medical Advisory Committee that consists of the heads of department of each medical and surgical discipline and chaired by the Chief of Medical Services based in each Columbia Asia Hospital.

Above this medical governing structure at the facility, Columbia Asia prides itself in having established a Medical Advisory Board (MAB) that is made up of all Chiefs of Medical Services from all Columbia Asia Group of Hospitals. The board is chaired by the company’s Group Medical Director.

The three primary roles and focus of the MAB is to continually raise the standard and quality of patient care, conduct stringent credentialing and clinical privileging of consultants and uphold uncompromising commitment towards the ethics and conduct of practitioners of patient care.

A newly transformed healthcare provider in Bintulu
Columbia Asia Hospital – Bintulu is continually transforming to meet the growing healthcare needs of the Bintulu community. It offers medical and surgical services that effectively manage the majority of medical conditions confronting and impacting the lives of the Bintulu community today.

The hospital is located at Tanjung Kidurong along Jalan Tan Sri Ikhwan, serving Bintulu and its surrounding towns of Sebauh, Tatau, Belaga, Mukah and Selangau. Among its many specialties are general surgery, orthopedic surgery, obstetrics & gynecology, internal medicine, pediatrics, radiology, ophthalmology and anesthesiology.

CAH-B is also on the panel of numerous insurers such as AIA, Prudential Assurance, Prudential BSN Takaful, Etiqa Insurance & Takaful, Tokio Marine Insurance, Great Eastern Life Assurance, AXA, Allianz General Insurance and AM General Insurance.

As for third part administrators, this would include Micare, Asia Assistance Network, PMCare, Mediexpress, Compumed, Mediscreen, COSSB, AA International, Medilink Global and Health Connect. CAH-B is also serving numerous local and international corporations that are stationed in Bintulu, among them are Sapura Power Services, Beras Corporation, Press Metal, OCIM, PETRONAS ICT, Refraline Malaysia, Sarawak Shell, Sapura Exploration & Production/Oil & Gas, PPB Oil Palms, Lebuh Raya Borneo Utara, Hong Leong Bank, Ambank and Sakura Ferroalloys. It is also on the medical panel of Telekom Malaysia, KWSP, Bank Rakyat and the Bintulu Development Authority.

What’s new at Columbia Asia Hospital – Bintulu?
Along with a newly constructed building extension, we have further widened our medical programme to include Occupational Health Screenings. It introduces annual health surveillance for employees, pre- and post- medical check-up for staff of heavy industries as required by Department of Safety & Health (DOSH) and onsite urine/drug tests by trained medical review officers.

As medical needs in Bintulu expand, more skilled consultants have come onboard CAH-B in the various fields of medicine. Also part of its new services, the hospital now offers single rooms, an ambulatory and scope unit, ICU, Isolation Unit and a radiology department that offers complete services such as X-rays, ultrasounds, CT Scans and mammograms using current technology.

Giving back to the community
Since 2011, Columbia Asia Hospital – Bintulu has been working very closely with the Cleft Lip & Palate Association Malaysia (CLAPAM). Over the years, we have assisted in the corrective surgeries of over 500 children born with cleft-lip and palate defects. In March next year, we will be organising The Big Smiles Run to raise funds for CLAPAM.

CAH-B is also involved in breast cancer awareness through the Pink Ribbon campaign where mammograms are subsidised by the College of Radiology. As for engagement with government

As we make significant strides to serve the people in and around Bintulu, Columbia Asia Hospital – Bintulu will continue to transform to meet your healthcare needs.



Columbia Asia 代表什么?
哥伦比亚亚洲医院(Columbia Asia Hospital)的私人医疗保健模式的独特之处,在于全面的医疗计划,以及非常注重临床管理和循证医学。多年来,这些价值观一直是哥伦比亚亚洲医院医疗计划的支柱。这个成功的私人医疗保健模式,目前正被复制到区域内的其他地方,以满足不断增长,对有效和快速的医疗保健服务的需求。


Columbia Asia 管理模式

除了管理医疗设施的结构,Columbia Asia 对自家成立的医疗咨询委员会深感自豪。该委员会由哥伦比亚亚洲集团所有医院的全部医疗服务主任组成。委员会由公司的集团医疗总监担任主席。

医疗咨询委员会有3个主要角色和作用 : 持续提高患者护理的标准和质量、严格要求顾问医生的资格认证和临床授权,谨守护理职业道德与行为规范。


医院位于丹绒吉都隆的Jalan Tan Sri Ikhwan,为民都鲁和周边城镇如实巴勿(Sebauh)、达岛(Tatau)、巫拉甲(Belaga)、木胶(Mukah)和实兰沟(Selangau)提供服务。其众多的专科包括普通外科、整形外科、妇产科、内科、儿科、放射科、眼科和麻醉科。


至于第三方管理者,包括Micare、AAN、PMCare、Mediexpress、Compumed Services、Mediscreen、UHM、COSSB、AA International、Medilink Global和Health Connect。民都鲁哥伦比亚亚洲医院还为驻扎在民都鲁的众多本地和国际公司提供服务,其中包括沙布拉能源服务(Sapura Power Services)、Beras Corporation、齐力工业(Press Metal)、OCIM、国油资讯科技(PETRONAS ICT)、Refraline Malaysia、砂拉越蚬壳(Sarawak Shell)、沙布拉油气勘探与生产(Sapura Exploration & Production/Oil & Gas)、玻璃市种植油棕(PPB Oil Palms)、北婆罗洲大道(Lebuh Raya Borneo Utara)、丰隆银行(Hong Leong Bank)、大马银行(Ambank) 和 Sakura Ferroalloys。它也是马来西亚电信(TM)、公积金局(KWSP)、人民银行(Bank Rakyat)和民都鲁发展局(Bintulu Development Authority)的指定医院。



自2011年,哥伦比亚亚洲一直与马来西亚兔唇裂颚协会密切合作。这些年来,我们协助500多名天生患有兔唇和裂腭缺陷的儿童进行矫正手术。明年3月,我们将举办The Big Smiles Run为马来西亚兔唇裂颚协会筹募资金。



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