When To Visit a Pediatrician

There are many reasons why people bring their child to a pediatric clinic for care. Some reasons are much more common than others. Many conditions can be detected during the visit which can otherwise go unnoticed — and catching these things early is often the key to correcting the problems and keeping your child on track towards a healthy, happy life.

at Columbia Asia Hospitals

Columbia Asia Hospitals offer pediatric services, specializing in providing treatments and medical care to new-borns, infants, children and adolescents. Our child specialists are experienced and highly trained to provide our young patients with comprehensive care. We have a committed team of specialists and pediatricians with subspecialty interests such as dermatology, ENT, orthopedics, cardiology, psychiatry, general surgery and dentistry.

Columbia Asia Hospital - Pediatrics Services

Our team of qualified pediatricians provides services including:

  • Newborn care

  • Special Care Nursery to manage neonatal problems including neonatal jaundice, respiratory distress and other complex problems of the newborn.

  • Pediatric clinics

  • Emergency services

  • Emergencies in older children such as bronchial asthma, diarrhea and vomiting with dehydration, allergic reactions, and fits.

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Columbia Kids Club (CKC)

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Columbia Asia celebrates its child patients via the Columbia Kids Club that entitles members to on-ground hospital discounts and invitations to fun outings and activities.

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