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Columbia Asia Hospital – Miri Sertai Kenyalang Gold Card

30 Januari 2024

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Columbia Asia Hospital - Miri Joins Kenyalang Gold Card

MIRI, Jan 30, 2024 – Columbia Asia Hospital – Miri (CAHM) has recently strengthened its strategic partnership with the Kenyalang Gold Card (KGC) initiative. This Sarawak government’s initiative, launched in 2020, seeks to uplift the welfare of eligible senior citizens (60 and above) through discounts and offers. The ceremony saw the Minister of Women, Childhood, and Community Wellbeing Development, Dato Sri Fatimah Abdullah, presenting the KGC plaque to the hospital’s General Manager, Dr. Chong Ket Cheong. This collaboration marks a significant step in enhancing community well-being and healthcare accessibility.

“We hope more (senior citizens) in Miri will come forward and become our strategic partners for the initiative so that our community will benefit from it,” said Dato Sri Fatimah. Additionally, she presented three new Kenyalang Gold cards to recipients currently undergoing treatment at the hospital, exemplifying the tangible impact of this partnership.

Columbia Asia Hospital – Miri invites all Kenyalang Gold cardholders, extending exclusive offers to enhance their healthcare experience. These limited time special offers are designed to prioritize the well-being of the community and provide accessible healthcare solutions. They encompass discounted rates on comprehensive health screening packages, room and board charges, pharmacy and medical supplies, physiotherapy services, as well as flu vaccinations at the hospital.

“This initiative is a commendable effort by the Sarawak government,” says CAHM Marketing Manager, Norshafiqah Ain Abdullah. “Furthermore, many of our loyal patients fall within this age group, and we see this as a wonderful opportunity to express our appreciation to them,”.

Cardholders unlock instant discounts on a wide array of necessities including groceries, food, healthcare, telecommunications, and transportation. Furthermore, they can access offers on employment opportunities, tailoring services, hair salon treatments, massages, and other high-value deals, enriching their overall quality of life.

The Sarawak government is also set to launch the Kenyalang Gold Plus Card, an upgraded version of the existing KGC this year. It is aimed at improving healthcare services for the elderly. According to Dato Sri Fatimah, the initiative aims to streamline medical care for senior citizens by reducing waiting time at government hospitals. This upgraded card allows access to medical services at private healthcare facilities. Additionally, plans are in place to provide free medical check-ups for senior citizens under the KGC initiative by this year.