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卵巢癌 | 难缠的妇女杀手 怎发现?怎治疗?
May 29, 2023
Myths & Old Wives Tales About Pregnancy: Revealed
May 24, 2023
There are so many local myths and old wives tales about pregnancy. While some of them are entertaining, others can be downright harmful. Especially...
Managing the Pain that is Caused by Cancer
May 12, 2023
Certain cancers are more painful than most. And most types of cancer, especially in the later stages (stage 4), are painful.
An Endocrinologist Talks About the Thyroid Gland & The Butterfly Effect
May 12, 2023
You are sitting at your work desk, but you can hardly get any work done properly. You struggle to curb the trembling in your fingers. Sweat trickles...
Preparing For the Unexpected
May 09, 2023
Pregnancy can be nerve-racking, for both first time mums and experienced mums. You may be constantly wondering if everything is going as it should....
Understanding Cardiac Arrest: What it is, What causes it, and How do you act on it?
May 03, 2023
Cardiac arrest is a life threatening medical emergencies when our heart suddenly stopped beating. It required immediate intervention like...
Why isn't my child talking?
April 20, 2023
“Why isn’t my child talking yet?” is a question that voices panic and concern. When other children can already hold simple conversation with mummy...
From Fasting to Feasting
April 20, 2023
The minute Ramadan ends, you can almost smell "rendang" in the air - all the rich and delicious foods after a month of fasting. People dive in with...