January 24, 2024

Columbia Asia regrets to announce that Columbia Asia Gia Dinh International Hospital (CA Gia Dinh) and Columbia Asia Saigon International Clinic (CA Saigon) will cease operations on 31 January, 2024.

The investment certificate to operate CA Gia Dinh and CA Saigon, which is held by Columbia Asia (Vietnam) Ltd (CAVN), is expiring and CAVN is not eligible to extend nor renew the certificate under the current investment laws of Vietnam. Under the investment certificate, CAVN is obliged to transfer all its fixed assets to the State of Vietnam on the expiry of its investment certificate.

CA Gia Dinh and CA Saigon have provided over 20 years of quality and trusted healthcare services to the communities which they serve. Columbia Asia extends its heartfelt appreciation for the support of all patients, staff, clinicians, and business partners of CA Gia Dinh and CA Saigon.

*Columbia Asia Binh Duong Hospital is not affected and remains open for business. CA Binh Duong is operated by Columbia Asia Binh Duong Co Ltd under a separate Investment Certificate.

For any enquiries, please contact

Columbia Asia Gia Dinh - [email protected]
Columbia Asia Saigon - [email protected]