This department provides comprehensive care for children from birth to adolescence and comprises a team of experienced and qualified Pediatricians who provide the following services:
  • Pediatric clinics
  • Emergency services
  • In-patient services
The consultants also provide specialized care in the following areas:
  • Childbirth and newborn care.
    All children born at Columbia Asia Hospitals are seen by the Pediatrician after delivery. We have fully-equipped delivery rooms to care for the new-born.
  • Neonatal ICU.
    For neonates who are deemed unwell, the hospital has an equipped Neonatal ICU with trained staff who manages neonatal problems including neonatal jaundice, respiratory distress and other complex problems of the newborn.
  • Emergencies in older children like bronchial asthma, diarrhea and vomiting with dehydration, allergic reactions and fits.

Pediatrics Surgery

The team of consultants comprise of doctors who have been trained in some of the best institutions in the world. Our surgeons and nurses are specially trained to treat fetal patients, newborns, infants, toddlers, children and young adults. We perform a broad range of general surgical procedures, including minor and major office procedures, as well as inpatient and outpatient procedures.

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