Orthopedic & Trauma Surgery

The scope of this discipline includes all kinds of orthopedic and trauma situations. The 24-hour Accident and Emergency (A & E) department receives and takes care of all major and minor trauma and other orthopedic emergencies. The department is managed by experienced in-house consultants who are attached to the hospital on a full-time basis, in various aspects of orthopedic surgery.

Orthopedic services include:
  • Medical and surgical treatment of various orthopedic disorders
  • Joint replacements surgeries of the hip, knee and shoulder joints
  • Arthroscopic surgeries of various joints
  • Treatment of ligament injuries and sports injuries
  • Limb reconstruction, micro-vascular and hand surgery
  • Ilizarov ring fixator treatment for various orthopedic situations
  • Correction of deformities of upper and lower limbs
  • Surgery of the spine like disc surgery, fixation of spine fractures and correction of deformities
Available in: