Health Articles

Diarrhoea & Vomiting; Not an Ideal Weightloss Option!
July 11, 2023
Unless you follow a scarily restricted diet, everyone at some point will have come down with a bout of D&V, the physician’s label for the symptom...
Influenza: Ancient Disease in Modern Times
July 11, 2023
Many folks will get a runny nose or mild sore throat and declare that they have “the flu”. Influenza does indeed cause the symptoms of upper airways...
Sticks & Stones & Broken Bones
June 16, 2023
Although humans are capable of injuring themselves in an infinite variety of ways, the most common way is to fall over. The act of tripping and...
May 16, 2023
As the rainy season deposits pools of standing water across Ho Chi Minh City, it is worth reviewing the state of play with Dengue Fever.
Chlorine: A Chemical Health Threat
April 07, 2023
On 9th July 2022, there was a fire at a chemical plant in the Binh Chanh district of Ho Chi Minh City which burned for several days spreading...
The Bloodsucking Head Lice
April 07, 2023
Parents of school-age children will be all too familiar with this topic. Fortunate the family that has not caught head lice. If you think your...
Rabies: Precaution through Vaccination
March 27, 2023
Rabies is a disease caused by an RNA virus which attacks nervous tissues. Globally, it kills 30,000 people a year (mostly in India), and 70 people a...
The Basics of High Blood Pressure
February 16, 2023
In healthcare, we talk about Primary and Secondary Prevention. Secondary Prevention is the proverbial “closing the stable door after the horse has...