5 Beauty vitamins for youth skin

February 26, 2020

Women's often buy synthetic vitamins for fabulous sums because they know that vitamins can work wonders with our health and appearance. A vast number of diseases in their cause due to the lack of one or another valuable vitamin. And as a consequence, the skin looks flaccid, gray,  wrinkled. The view is very unhealthy. But sometimes it is not necessary to spend big money.
Vitamin A helps to prevent dark circles under the eyes, which later have to be mercilessly smeared with concealer, reduces the rate of aging of your skin, increases blood flow, which allows the skin to remain hydrated. It also reduces the damage that the sun's rays cause to the skin.
Contained in carrots, pumpkin, beef liver, peaches, broccoli and mango.

Vitamin B2 is a good helper for dry skin, provides “cellular respiration,” and is an anti-pellagra vitamin.
You can get it from yogurt, eggs, mushrooms, broccoli, soybeans, oysters.

Vitamin B3 can protect against certain types of skin cancer, effectively copes with the symptoms of rosacea, reduces the likelihood of acne by 52%, strengthens the barrier properties of the skin for its better hydration and protection.
it is found in chicken breast, beef steak, tuna, potatoes, eggs and tomatoes.

Vitamin B5 is responsible for deep hydration of the skin, regulates the production of oils that clog pores. It also promotes the renewal of skin cells and overall rejuvenation. It has antibacterial properties and helps the skin cope with acne and inflammatory processes.
Green peas, mushrooms, fish, cheese, eggs, pork. 

Vitamin B6 has two main functions are to support dry skin, prevent eczema, acne, and combat skin blemishes by regulating the work of certain hormones.
Bananas, broccoli, watermelon, white rice, chicken breast and spinach

Doctor: Lyudmila Lohvinova – Consultant Dermatologist
Columbia Asia Sai Gon Clinic

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