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Most corporates recognize the importance of maintaining the health and wellness of employees to keep productivity high and absenteeism low. A comprehensive employee wellness program produces savings in annual healthcare costs and improvements in employees’ overall health. A successful corporate health and wellness program within an organization builds an invaluable resource that is sustainable.

Corporate Client Services (CCS) is committed to building long-term relationships with strategic partners and clients in the development and execution of employees’ health and wellness programs. We work closely with corporations, insurance companies and third-party administrators (TPAs) to deliver the best possible care and service that our healthcare partners deserve, improve hospital administrative processes and customize the health & wellness programs that match each of our partners’ needs.

Through strategic relationships with our healthcare partners, Columbia Asia’s group of hospitals is listed as the preferred hospital group for several partnership programs for insurance companies and third-party administrators.

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Our team will facilitate in managing your request and supporting you in all insurance, operational and wellness matters.