Breast and Endocrine Surgery

Breast and endocrine surgeons treat patients with benign and malignant breast and thyroid diseases. Sentinel lymph node biopsy and breast reconstructive surgery are also done, achieving fewer post-operative complications and cosmetic improvements. Surgical treatment is also performed on patients with benign and malignant thyroid tumours.

The majority of patients have benign breast disease. Breast imaging like mammograms and ultrasounds are frequently used as an adjunct in the diagnosis although occasionally a biopsy is also needed to confirm the diagnosis. A biopsy is often performed percutaneously and rarely is open surgery needed.

Surgery remains the mainstay of treatment for breast cancer. Breast cancer surgery has evolved from radical surgery in the past to conservative surgery where only the tumour is removed. Sentinel lymph node biopsy has also been introduced where most of the underarm lymph glands are spared from removal if necessary.

Our Breast & Endocrine Surgeon at Columbia Asia Hospital – Iskandar Puteri is skilled and highly trained, ensuring that each patient that comes through our hospital receives excellent care and treatment.
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