Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine is a specialized medical discipline that focuses on prompt diagnosis and treatment of illnesses or injuries needing immediate medical attention. It revolves around the expertise of emergency physicians who are trained to respond swiftly and effectively in any critical situation. Acting as the frontline responders for unscheduled patients with urgent medical needs, they address a wide range of bodily ailments, including burns, chokings, broken limbs, and lacerations.

A paramount aspect of Emergency Medicine entails life-saving interventions like resuscitations aimed at stabilizing patients during critical moments and acute pain relief. Additionally, emergency physicians are responsible for determining the necessity of immediate medical procedures, diagnostic tests, and treatment plans to ensure optimal patient outcomes. Once the patient's condition is stabilized, emergency physicians are the gatekeepers who carefully assess whether a case requires the involvement of specialists from other medical disciplines to further address the patient's needs. They provide proper referrals to dedicated specialties based on initial diagnosis.

Emergency services at Columbia Asia
  • Medical team includes Emergency Physician, Medical Officer and Staff Nurse
  • Ambulance service as first responder to an emergency scene/inter-hospital patient transportation
  • Major medical incident and disaster management
  • Medical emergency and Code Blue team
  • Emergency clinical care for critical and non critical cases (trauma services)
  • Referral to specialist on call for respective discipline on a case to case basis
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