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Café Columbia

Café Columbia

Specialized Healthy Menu for Hospital Patients

Welcome to Café Columbia, where you can find healthy and delicious meals, light snacks and wholesome beverages. Whatever you opt for, our menu comprises nourishing homestyle delights.

Conveniently located on the Ground Floor of our hospitals, this cozy café awaits you from breakfast till teatime, whether you are waiting for your appointment or visiting a relative. Even our patients’ food is served from Café Columbia, to deliver equally delicious and healthy meals.

Café Columbia offers wide range of healthy selection for Inpatient and Outpatient. One thing for sure, the food is FREE from MSG. The Café is obliged to promote a healthier choice to our customers. With a special touch from our dedicated Chef, our patients and relatives are served with fresh, nutritious and hygienic meals.

Meal service to the Inpatients of the hospital is the highest priority of the Food Service Department. Each Inpatient is provided with main meals and refreshments up to 5 times a day inclusive of 3 main meals and 2 snacks. Patients are offered with selection of Local Favourite, Heart Healthy, International or Rice Bowl to suit their appetite. Our Chef will prepare the meal tailored to the diet of the patient; this means every dish will be cooked separately to ensure the ingredients used suit the patient’s dietetic requirement that is prescribed by the attending doctor.

Qualified Chef with Hotel Kitchen Experience

Healthy and Delicious Food Options

Meal Tailored to Patient's Diet

Wide Range of Inpatient Food Menu


Café Columbia is not only halal certified, it is also acknowledged officially for its food quality and measure of hygiene.

Halal Certification by JAKIM​

BeSS Certification by MOH

Trust My Catering Certification by MOH