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What is Mortality & Morbidity?
July 02, 2011
More famously called M&M in the field of medicine. Mortality is self-explanatory, morbidity is complications that occur to patients whether small...
Hypoglycemia in Diabetes
June 11, 2011
Hypoglycaemia is a condition in which blood glucose levels is abnormally low. Healthy people usually do not become hypoglycaemic even if they do not...
Ankle Sprain
May 25, 2011
What do roller skating, ice skating, futsal and even high heel use have in common? No takers? Well, these are all common causes of outer ankle...
Smart Parent Safe Kids
April 15, 2011
Stay Smart, Stay Safe We cannot be watching our children 24/7, but practicing basic accident prevention measures can save parents a lot of anguish....
My baby has abnormal ears
My baby has abnormal ears
April 15, 2011
Recently I had to counsel a young couple who just had the birth of their first child. Their baby was noted to have an abnormal ear on one side....
Snoring - is it a cause for concern?
Snoring - is it a cause for concern?
April 03, 2011
Why does snoring occur? Snoring occurs due to narrowing of the airway causing vibration of the soft tissues of the throat during sleep. It is a...