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Who are we - the Radiologists?
February 28, 2011
Many patients have visited Imaging Department of the hospital for various imaging procedures. Some of the patients left the department without...
Menstrual problems - what a mess and pain at times
February 28, 2011
Menstrual disorders are a very common problem in women in their reproductive age. Disturbances of menstruation are one of the most common reasons...
Pain - Don't take it lightly! An anesthetist's ramblings
February 27, 2011
What is a vital sign? Well, it depends on the situation. If you are in love then whatever signal your partner gives should be one. Well in my...
Globesity and reproduction
February 27, 2011
We are what we eat
Sakit Tumit
February 24, 2011
Pernahkah anda merasa sakit di bahagian tumit sejurus selepas tumit anda mencecah lantai diwaktu pagi? Bagaimana pula setelah berjalan agak lama?...
Do you really know me? An anesthetist’s ramblings
February 23, 2011
As an anesthesiologist or more famously known as anesthetist or even "mah sui", we are behind the scene all the time. Even my spouse wasn't aware...