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Taking Flight During Pregnancy 孕妈咪搭飞机注意事项
October 31, 2017
Sometimes pregnancy does come unexpectedly. With the flight ticket being booked earlier and she’s all set to travel, does an expecting Mommy need to...
Queries On Colic
October 19, 2017
Colic is a common albeit exasperating condition characterised as excessive crying or fussing in babies who are otherwise healthy and thriving. It...
What It Takes To Be A Midwife
October 19, 2017
Being a nurse, they say, is not for everyone. When you’re working in a labour ward, the wellbeing of mothers and their newborns are in your hands...
Healthy Skin : DEFINED
October 09, 2017
Optimum skin health is achievable, according to the experts. Dr. Priya Gill, Consultant Dermatologist Columbia Asia Hospital – Petaling Jaya gave her...
The Spread of TB
September 19, 2017
Tuberculosis (TB) is extremely contagious and outbreaks can occur in crowded environments. With a recent outbreak reported in the country, find out...
No Sleep Tonight
September 19, 2017
Do you feel sluggish all the time? Are the usual pick-me-ups not doing their magic? Find out what may be getting between you and a good night’s...
Rhinitis In Children
September 19, 2017
Allergic rhinitis is not uncommon in children nowadays, especially those with a significant family history of a similar condition. Rhinitis means...
Is Tap Water Ruining My Skin?
August 30, 2017
“Is Tap Water Ruining My Skin?” Do you wonder about this each time you rinse your face? Read on to find out the answers.