Health Articles

Ramadan: Berat Badan Turun Atau Naik?
April 30, 2020
Sudah menjadi rutin setiap tahun, umat Islam diwajibkan berpuasa, selain memenuhi tuntutan syariat, ia memberikan pelbagai manfaatnya termasuk dari...
About Ovarian Cancer
April 30, 2020
In 2018, a woman in Connecticut had undergone a removal of a tumor from her ovary that weighed 60kg! The symptom she had was merely a rapid increase...
A Letter from a Doctor On Exercising During the MCO
April 14, 2020
Staying active has perhaps become more important than ever.Medical frontliners Image credit: DepositPhotos
First Aid Tips For When Your Kid Has An Accident At Home
April 10, 2020
Knowing what to do in an emergency will help you deal with the situation calmly.
In the Absence of the Influenza Vaccine
April 07, 2020
It’s the flu season and odds are you already know someone who has tested positive for either Influenza A or B. Chances are you yourself have already...
Ask the Doctor: Kidney Diseases
April 06, 2020
In conjunction with World Kidney Day on March 12, this month we will be exploring the topic of kidney health. To explain more about the kidney...
Taste the Flavour of Life
April 03, 2020
Today, the importance of women in our society is beyond imagination. Women with their ambitions, intelligence and strength have surely contributed...
Autism -- What You Need To Know
April 02, 2020
Dr Sharifah Aida Alhabshi is a pediatrician at Columbia Asia Hospital – Petaling Jaya with a special interest in child-learning difficulties and...