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Rotavirus. As explained by a Pediatrician
April 21, 2017
BabyTalk interviewed Dr. Shalini Shanmugam, Consultant Pediatrician from Columbia Asia Hospital – Petaling Jaya on the subject of Rotavirus.
Fever In Children
April 12, 2017
Fever is one of the most common reasons for children to visit the clinic or hospital. Fever itself is not an illness, and is not a diagnosis. Rather...
April 12, 2017
Planning for pregnancy? What is in the way in stopping you from getting pregnant? Does the food affect your chances in getting pregnant? Here is some...
April 12, 2017
More than half of all people will at some point develop symptomatic haemorrhoids. Haemorroids are actually anal cushions which are specialized,...
What is Febrile Seizure?
April 10, 2017
In simple terms, a febrile seizure or convulsion is a seizure caused by fever. It occurs when there is a sudden rise in body temperature, usually a...
Back Mouse : A Common Cause of Back Pain
April 10, 2017
Back mouse or Episacral lipoma is painful nodule over the posterior sacraoiliac spine. It is caused by herniation of fat pad through a tear in the...
Questions, anyone?
March 27, 2017
Got a questions that you’re either too shy or embarrassed to ask? Here are the answers from the experts from different fields to your curious...
Are Your Gadgets Making You Sick?
March 27, 2017
Ever wondered how gadgets affect our health? Do you own a smartphone, TV, laptop, or tablet? Chances are, you spend more time on your gadgets than...