Medical Group's Website Lists Covid-19 Advice and SOP

July 14, 2020

COLUMBIA Asia, as a committed private healthcare provider, is assuring patients and their families that appointments, vaccinations and treatments will continue in a safe environment despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Apart from on-site signage and bunting illustrating the standard operating procedures (SOP) issued by the Health Ministry, the medical group's website has added a page to specifically address safety questions and what Columbia Asia Hospital is doing.

Columbia Asia regional marketing manager Gwen Yap said every measure was explained to make employees and the public understand that the group would not take risks with Covid-19 and that the medical centre was making it its responsibility to protect those on its premises.

"Transparency is very important in order to gain our customers' trust at a time like this.
"Among the contents of the new Covid-19 care support page on our website are new normal initiatives, including medicine home delivery, child vaccinations and drive-through vaccinations." She said home delivery of medicine was a convenient way for existing patients with chronic diseases to receive regular medication without the need to go to the hospital.

The topic of child vaccination covers the need for parents to bring their children for immunization according to vaccination schedules. There is also a section offering tips and advice related to Covid-19. Among them are a series of videos aired live via social media. The videos feature Columbia Asia's consultants, dieticians and physiotherapists.

Experts are interviewed on topics such as everything one needs to know about wearing masks during this pandemic season, why it is important for parents to stick to the vaccination schedule for their babies, the risks of delivery services, how to exercise safely at home and how to prepare children for school post-movement control order.

"Some pregnant mothers may be reluctant to visit the hospital during this pandemic," said Yap.
"But they need guidance in their pregnancy journey, thus our consultants produced videos about pregnancy and delivery.
"From preparing the body for pregnancy to visiting the labour ward, this series serves as a complete video guide for new mothers," she added.

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