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Early Childhood Hearing Test Package

Columbia Asia Hospital - Bintulu

Early Childhood Hearing Test Package

Begin your infant's journey through our Early Childhood Hearing Test Package

Ensure your child’s auditory wellness with our Early Childhood Hearing Test Package, providing early detection and fostering lifelong harmony.

Early Childhood Hearing Test

Our package includes:

  • An ideal Hearing Test option for Newborns
  • An efficient testing method for Newborns aged 0-3 Years
  • An opportunity to detect potential hearing loss at an early stage

Terms & Conditions

  • Payment mode : Cash-paying or Credit/Debit card.
  • This package requires a pre-booked appointment.
  • This package price DOES NOT INCLUDE additional procedures such as nasal
    endoscopes, imaging, medication and earwax removal.
  • This package is effective starting JUNE 2022.
  • Price will be revised from time to time at our management’s discretion.

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