Health Articles

Post-Scoliosis Surgery Rehabilitation
January 24, 2022
In severe cases of scoliosis, surgery may be the only way to prevent the patient's spinal curvature from getting worse.
WFH: Avoid Posture Related Strain and Injury
November 30, 2021
The Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly changed our working life. In an effort to minimise physical contact among individuals and prevent transmission...
Growing Up in a Pandemic: Impact on Children’s Development
November 17, 2021
As a parent, concerns involving our children growth is a top priority. With the sudden emergence of COVID-19 in our lives, our lifestyle as we know...
Clues Us In On Down Syndrome
November 10, 2021
One of the many concerns of mummies-to-be is the off-chance of having a Down syndrome baby. It’s an understandable fear that each mother has...
Caring For Your Health After A Miscarriage
November 09, 2021
Often, the utterance of the word ‘miscarriage’ is enough to make any mummy-to-be shudder. It is a most unfortunate and painful experience for any...
Expert Debunks Common Skin Myths That May Surprise Malaysian Mums
October 29, 2021
Have you ever heard people say that by consuming coconut water or milk during pregnancy, your baby will have a fairer skin? Or perhaps, have you ever...
Penyakit Jantung Koronari, Hindarinya Sebelum Terlambat
October 15, 2021
Sempena Hari Jantung Sedunia tidak lama lagi, kami paparkan sesi soal jawab bersama seorang pakar jantung tentang penyakit jantung koronari dan...
October 11, 2021