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Columbia Asia Wins Four Malaysia Health & Wellness Awards Including Best Private Hospital

01 December 2020

4 minute read

Columbia Asia Wins Four Malaysia Health & Wellness Awards Including Best Private Hospital

SELANGOR; Nov 23, 2020 – The Malaysia Health & Wellness Brand Awards honoured Columbia Asia in four categories including Best Private Hospital. The other winning categories were Wellness, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Nursing. The Columbia Asia branches in Seremban and Miri lead the way in the last two categories, while the other two was submitted as a group entry.

The award list is an annual acknowledgment since 2017 organized by Sin Chew Daily in collaboration with Life Magazine and supported by Malaysia’s Ministry of Health. It pays tribute to health and wellness brands which have made significant contributions to Malaysia’s health and wellness industry.

To break down each award and the criteria that sets the brand apart, below are the details.

Private Hospital Category Award

Columbia Asia Group stood out for its quality healthcare services that are effective, efficient, accessible and affordable. Its 13 hospital locations built in residential areas offer services in multiple medical disciplines to include cardiology, neurology, nephrology and urology. Other leading points also include advanced medical technology, highly skilled and experienced consultants as well as an in-house digital system, Care 21, that facilitates patient cases efficiently among different departments.

Wellness Category Award

In the Wellness Category, Columbia Asia had put forth its Health Transformation Programme, a comprehensive corporate wellness series advocating lifestyle interventions and behaviour modifications for sustainable health. It starts with a lifestyle survey accompanied by tailored health screenings as accorded by employers. The results will give some insight into each employee’s health risks so employers can plan specific health benefits for their staff. This has proven to be a success as employees undergo modification related to diet, health and fitness. When employees become healthier, the company’s productivity increases.

Corporate Social Responsibility Category Award

As for the CSR category, Columbia Asia Hospital – Miri was awarded for its commitment in its Cleft Lip and Palate Campaign. Since it was launched in 2004, it has helped some 380 patients undergo cleft lip and palate surgery. This surgery cannot be carried out in the small district hospitals of Sarawak. The bigger hospitals are in the city which makes it inaccessible due to distance and cost especially for those in the remote areas.

In this campaign, Columbia Asia Hospital – Miri collaborates with the Cleft Lip and Palate Association of Malaysia in providing the operation venue, facilities and other forms of assistance for the patient and accompanying guardian.

Nursing Category Award

In the Nursing category, Columbia Asia Hospital – Seremban was awarded for its Touch the Heart Project. Based on patients’ feedback during an audit in 2016, it was suggested that the hospital’s nurses need to improve on their non-verbal cues. Through the project, the nurses were trained to develop and improve on their soft skills, empathy and body language. With the campaign slogan being ‘Put a little love in your heart, it aimed to ensure care providers meet the maximum standard of care possible.

For these recognitions, Columbia Asia is grateful firstly to patients, their families and employees who have put their trust in the Columbia Asia’s brand of healthcare. This would not have been possible if not for the teamwork between doctors, nurses, medical staff, and employees from all other departments at Columbia Asia whose roles are of value in moving the brand forward to greater heights.

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