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Recruitment Fraud Notice

04 November 2022

2 minute read

Recruitment Fraud Notice

Columbia Asia Group of Hospitals is aware of recent recruitment scams and fraudulent job offers purporting to be from Columbia Asia. The Columbia Asia name and logo have been used on the documentation without authorization.

These fraudulent communications and e-mails often look legitimate and may include details of employment, such as job description, salary and benefits. They usually request for personal information and/or payment from prospective employees to obtain work permits, visas or immigration documents or payment for travel expenses as part of the recruitment process. You may also be referred to an organization that requests fees for processing the documents.

Please be vigilant of fraudulent activities if you receive any communications or e-mails regarding potential employment, or an invitation to submit applications to a public email address, supposedly from Columbia Asia. Columbia Asia e-mails always end with “”. Columbia Asia will never request a prospective applicant to e-mail information to an e-mail address not ending with “”.

Kindly note that Columbia Asia will not be liable or responsible for any claims nor consequences relating to fake or fraudulent job offers or communication.

If you are unsure of the authenticity of a communication or believe you have received a fraudulent communication that makes references to Columbia Asia, please forward it to [email protected] or get in touch with us at +603 5521 5151 to speak to the Information Security Team.