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Cardiovascular Screening Packages

Columbia Asia Hospital - Bintulu

Cardiovascular Screening Packages

Ensure Heart Health with Our Cardiovascular Screening Package

Guard your heart with precision. Our Cardiovascular Screening Package combines cutting-edge diagnostics and specialized care for a proactive approach to cardiovascular health.


Our package includes:

  • ABO & RH Grouping
  • Thyroid Funtion Test (FT4 & TSH)
  • HbA1c
  • Hepatitis B Screening Profile

Holter Monitor

Our package includes:

Stress Test

Our package includes:

  • For 24 Hour Monitoring only

Stress Test & Echocardiogram


Terms & Conditions

  • This package excludes registration fees of RM5/RM2 for first/follow-up consultation.
  • Not applicable with any other promotions.
  • Extra item usage or extra radiology tests or laboratory tests are not covered in this package.
  • Payment by cash/credit card.
  • Pricing will be revised from time to time at our management’s discretion.

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