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16 March 2020

4 minute read


1. What is andropause?

Andropause is a condition caused by a decrease in the male hormone known as testosterone.

2. What causes it?

It is often affiliated with a decreased level of testosterone or hypogonadism; a diminished functional activity of the gonads, involving the testes/ovaries, that may result in diminished production of sex hormones.

3. Who usually experiences andropause?

Male menopause or andropause usually affects males in their 50s.

4. What are its effects/symptoms?

Its effects are quite similar to females who are going through their menopausal period. A male who is undergoing andropause will lose his erectile function as it naturally becomes weaker with a decrease in muscle mass index. This results in sexual deprivation as it lowers the sex drive. He will also experience mood swings and gain excess fat usually around the belly area and chest.

5. Is andropause curable? If so, what are the treatment options?

Naturally, everyone will have to go through the process despite having led a healthy lifestyle and following health regiments by the book. However, you may prolong andropause (depending on each man’s individual body and hormone level) by opting for testosterone replacement. A striking difference can be seen among males in European countries who take up replacement therapy, usually to keep the sex drive going, compared to Malaysian males who seem to be more accepting of themselves going through andropause when the time comes. This could also be due to a lack of awareness of the replacement treatment, or they just don’t care and accept their condition as is!

6. How is the replacement therapy carried out?

At Columbia Asia Hospital-Cheras, the treatment is carried out via injection usually once in every three months.

7. Does this therapy cause any side effects?

About 10 to 15 years ago, the public was so afraid of taking the injection since it may cause prostate cancer as prostate cancer is associated with an increased level of testosterone. However, recent studies have shown that if one takes the injections and monitors their prostate-specific antigen level on a regular basis, the risk of one having prostate cancer is less 0.5 per cent.

8. What can you do to avoid andropause?

It a normal process and bound to happen to every male. But as mentioned above, you can prolong it from happening early by taking the replacement therapy. I would also strongly advise any man aged 50 and above with andropause symptoms to check on their testosterone level and seek treatment if need be.

This article first appeared in New Straits Times, 23 July 2020 .

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16 March 2020

4 minute read


Dr. Shamharini A/p Nagaratnam

Internal Medicine And Endocrinology

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