Taboos and Myths During Confinement 坐月子禁忌和迷思

November 25, 2016
Taboos and Myths During Confinement
There is a saying – ‘Once you give birth, you become prettier’. That’s right! The confinement period is a golden time for women to turn prettier and healthier! Just one month of being cautious during confinement, you may bid farewell to your body aches and pains. Nowadays, women tend to get stressed out after giving birth because of taboos from the elders; “Do not wash your hair.” “Do not use the fan.” “Do not use the air conditioner.”

However, such confinement taboos are merely myths. Women should stop following these myths blindly. Even confinement traditions need to be rational and scientifically proven. In this issue of ‘Consultant’s Column’, Dr. Nicholas Lim Lye Tak, Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecologist, Columbia Asia Hospital - Petaling Jaya will address the worries faced by every mother-to-be.