Shah Alam - Hospital Overview

Shah Alam - Columbia Asia Private Hospital Malaysia
Columbia Asia Extended Care Hospital – Shah Alam is a modern healthcare facility designed and equipped to provide 24 hours comprehensive nursing care and rehabilitation services for its patients.

As an Extended Care Hospital, dedicated nurses and nursing aides provide holistic care for individual patients in a caring and friendly manner. Furthermore, the staff is well-equipped with the necessary medical facilities to help provide excellent patient care and safety.

On top of that, the team of physiotherapy and occupational therapists stationed at the Extended Care Hospital is there to provide support and help with patient rehabilitation.

Medical teams are trained to help patients who are suffering from medical problems such as Stroke, Dementia, Parkinson's Disease, Fractures, Head & Spinal injuries as well as medical conditions that require long-term nursing care. For patients who are terminally ill, we also provide comprehensive nursing care.

For more information on our Extended Care services or if you require any assistance, please contact us at our General Line +603 5541 7833 or drop us an email to [email protected].